About Zortrax

Zortrax Inkspire is a resin desktop 3D printer working in UV LCD technology. It’s designed around a high-resolution LCD screen* with UV LED backlighting that ensures every part of a layer is exposed to the same amount of UV light to uniformly cure the resin. A single pixel measures just 50×50 microns while minimal layer hight is only 25 microns. That’s why the smallest details Zortrax Inkspire can 3D print are invisible to the naked eye. This means it offers quality of prints surpassing leading SLA 3D printers while working up to 8x faster. Zortrax Inkspire is perfect for engineering, short and medium series manufacturing as well as precision modeling in dental prosthetics or jewelry design. The printer works with dedicated Zortrax Resins. Third-party resins are also supported, provided they can be cured by light with 405 nm wavelength.

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About Structo

“It’s not the size of the printer, it’s what you can put through it. High throughput: you’ve either got it or you don’t.”   Dentaform’s got it in spades. It prints more dental models per hour than any other printer in its category—we’re talking up to 10 every 30 minutes. That’s enough to handle an entire aligner treatment plan over lunch.



Printing Technology MSLA
Platform Size 200 x 150 x 100 mm 7.8 x 5.9 x 3.9 in
Footprint 480 x 470 x 480 mm 1.6 x 1.5 x 2.7 ft
Weight 80 kg 176 lbs
Printing Accuracy 50 microns
Z-direction Layer Thickness 50 microns

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