It’s a fantastic feeling when you open the lid of your Bloom Dental Pro to see a full platform of perfectly-formed parts. But finding that your models are malformed or have fallen into the resin tank can be confusing and frustrating. Recent advances in 3D printing technology have made it easier than ever to achieve success with this powerful tool. But while Bloom Dental goes to great lengths to ensure you reach your production goals, there are a few external factors that can affect the final success of any print job.

Bloom Dental mission is to help dental clinics and labs grow to meet their production goals. To help you on your way, we put our heads together to help you identify and help avoid 3D printing problems. Whether this is your first 3D printing experience or you’re a veteran of the first affordable desktop FDM models, we hope that this guide helps you unlock the incredible potential of in-office dental 3D printing.



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