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Who are we?

Bloom Dental is a unique place for gaining learnings and insights into how to use aligners as well as giving dental professionals the opportunity to share views, ideas and images on the work we all do to bring perfect smiles to the faces of our patients.

3D Dental Printers

Production-Ready Solutions That Scale and Generate
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3D Intraoral Scanners

Intraoral scanners (IOS) are devices for capturing direct optical impressions in dentistry.
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Vacuum Formers

Fully Sealed Mould Chamber To Maintain Vacuum Pressure.
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Bloom Dental

Bloom Dental

Bloom Dental is a digital dentistry solutions provider. We can help you implement 3D printers, dental aligners and similar to your dental practice.

What We Do?

Bloom Dental strives to improve digital dentistry by making 3D printing an integral, routine part of the clinical workflow. We aspire to build products that allow dental professionals to personalize service, control revenue streams, and increase productivity.

3D Intraoral Scanners


Intraoral scanners (IOS) are devices for capturing direct optical impressions in dentistry.The images of the dentogingival tissues (as well as the implant scanbodies) captured by imaging sensors are processed by the scanning software, which generates point clouds.

3D Dental Printers


Digital dentistry is rapidly transforming the dental industry, and premium 3D printing technologies are paving the way.Our 3D printers deliver tight-fitting 3D printed dentures, with a best-in-class smooth surface.

Vacuum Former


Vacuum forming is a simplified version of thermoforming, where a sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto a single-surface mold, and forced against the mold by a vacuum.


Bloom Dental is a global company that is changing lives through better smiles. We reimagine and reinvent the way orthodontic and restorative treatment is presented and delivered to millions of people around the world.

We believe a better smile has the power to create a better future, so we use digital technology and experiences to help people move forward in life.


Our personalized services include helping the practice select the best orthodontic vendor for their needs and continuing to support and coach them as they grow their business and expand on the range of the orthodontic cases that they complete in-house. All content created will be promoted on various social channels to dentists and the dental community. Rates will depend on the scope of work, usage and exclusivity.

Orthodontic and Dental Consulting Services:

  • Telephone Consultation
  • Orthodontic Consulting
  • On-site Training
  • Team Coaching
  • Forum Support
  • Global Provider Network Development and Support
  • Social Media and Blog Content
  • Help with Setting up Social Media (Instagram, FB, Linkedin, YouTube)
  • Business Strategy and Development
  • Trade Show Support
  • Speaking Engagements, both webinar and on-site
Dental Aligners

Bloom Dental offers clear aligners in-office to give patients the treatment they want at a price they can afford. Discreet and removable, Bloom Dental aligners can be freely removed for eating, drinking, brushing one’s teeth or for a special occasion. It is recommended that they are worn for at least twenty-two hours per day. The duration of the treatment varies between 6 to 24 months on average.

3D Dental Printers

3D printing isn’t just a new buzzword, it’s how your next crown or bridge might be made. How it works is straight out of science fiction. 3D printers take a special computer image and “print” a 3D physical representation of that image. For example, your dentist could use a dental 3D printer to create a crown for you, based on a 3D image he produced on the computer.


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“Best experience I’ve had! I didn’t feel pressured into anything, they listened to my concerns, the staff was great! Gonna have a whole new smile at a reasonable price!”

Mark SmithBusinessman

“The dentist was kind and explained everything clearly, made sure I understood what he was doing and that I wasn’t in pain.”

Jannet LeeHousewife

“They go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you understand what you should do with your teeth and mouth so you do not have future health risks.”

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